It was virtual insanity at dublinbeta 21…

Guest post by Gene Murphy Startups! Organise Cofounder & I’m E.I.R. at Bank Of Ireland, about the recent Dublin Beta event, of which Software Placements is a proud and longtime sponsor.

In 1996 Jay Kay the leader of the acid jazz inspired super group Jamiroquai sang these faithful lyrics in his song ‘Virtual Insanity’ that would ultimately be quite important to me.

Of this virtual insanity, we’re livin in.
Has got to change, yeah

Now, as always I won’t forget to come back to my personal homage to this particular song* a little later on, but for the sake of this story, 21 years after this was first released (I feel so old writing that) that lyric was about to be upended by another supergroup by the name of They were about to turn that sentence around as they demoed their sanity in a virtual world thanks to their platform for virtual meetings made easy at the 21st dublinbeta.

What in the what now is dublinbeta I hear you cry silently in your mind’s eye if you’re still reading this blog, well thank you for your question and let me explain.

dublinbeta came to Ireland around 6 years ago (again I feel so old argh!) under the stoic guidance of Russell ‘Hussle Like Russell’ Banks and John ‘The Beautiful Mind” O’Rourke a man with a marketing set of chops and a brain for data the like of which I haven’t seen too much of these days. Initially, this event had started in Silicon Valley as a way to showcase upcoming tech talent and mix and mingle the community of developers, startups, designers and investors together.

4 years ago I had the chance to get involved and to be honest it’s one of the hackiest most fun events I get to organise with a great bunch of folks while meeting some awesome founders at the super early stage of their company when getting to meet and demo to people is critical for their startups in my opinion. To date we’ve had over 5000+ attendees, 460 applications to demo, 251 tech startups demo and 21 winners!

Over the years we’ve had a lot of great companies and over the past two years we are very lucky to have some great sponsors in the shape of Epsilon Marketing and Software Placements as well as a kick ass venue in the Hangar Bar who are perfect partners to have in creating dublinbeta, so as always a big thank you for your help and support gang!

For our 21st edition, we had some pretty great companies ready to demo and earn those attendee chips that translate to votes at the end of each evening.

Meet the teams of dublinbeta’s 21 edition

looplow is the smarter way to buy your car. They group/combine car buyers purchasing power to enable them to get their new car for a lot less! Dealers compete vigorously for the bulk order, resulting in much better deals for car buyers

IndieiIREGames soon to be releasing their 1st game for the 7–12 age-group on Android. The game is a dragon collecting puzzle game with a great gameplay mechanic and awesome artwork

DwellDown allows tenants to rate, review and compare their rental

All Things Healthie is a marketplace for the fitness industry — sellers, buyers and Influencers

SensiPass which creates immersive biometric products based on their patented technology allowing companies to offer users a highly secure method of logging into their mobile and web apps with 3-factor, proof-positive, end-to-end identity assurance …and it looks just like Snapchat

ProtectBox currently on the StartPlanetNI accelerator program is a comparison website making cyber security and data protection simple, fast and personal for small and medium businesses

CallBrix an innovative cloud phone solution for startups or expanding businesses, offering an extensible solution; designed to adapt to a business’ size and/or requirements

AngelSim a hybrid mobile network solution which enables mobile phone devices to function without mobile network access or Internet connection

Warbble a social content platform making it easy for customers to create, engage, post, listen, respond & schedule relevant content to their customers 24/7 by helping them to manage, create, post and monitor customer content

iDly Systems which makes software for the creation or digitisation of ID cards and credentials with an associated consumer-based app for storing, verifying and updating credentials on the move

MeetingRoom VR who provide a virtual meeting room to get teams face to face in a virtual office.

No team was harmed and there wasn’t an actual quickening at dublinbeta 21, that we are aware of.

In the time-honored tradition of me typing this line again, ‘there could be only one,’ dublinbeta 21 overall winners and as those of you eagle-eyed readers so far guessed, it was with second place going to socially proficient Warbble and third to rental reviewing app DwellDown!

How to get involved

The good news for both of us is that it’s really easy!

Want to demo?

Then get to our site at dublinbeta and apply to demo ahead of our next edition in June.

Want to attend and gamble on the future of a startup? Of course you do.

Then get to our site at dublinbeta and apply to attend ahead of our next edition in June. Every attendee gets three chips (not the food kind, I’ve tried, not a good result) and after chatting with startups demoing you get to vote on your fav, meet other attendee’s and learn about some cool new companies.

Thanks for reading and see you at the next dublinbeta this June!

Get to dublinbeta to apply to demo and register to attend our 22nd edition this June 19th!

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