Irish Success Story – Marko Satek

Software placement Irish success stories – Marko Satek

Marko Statek

Where did you move from to come to Ireland?

Zagreb, I grew up there.

What were you doing before and what position did you come here to take up?

I was a ruby on rails developer, in the same type of position for about 4 years back in Croatia before I came here.

Why did you decide to move to Ireland?

My job was changing, and the company was changing but not in the way I wanted to go. I wanted a new challenge, with a bigger company, to have more organisational challenges. I wanted to deal with more people and bigger tech teams. For all of these reasons, I was interested in working with a different company.

Did you have any reservations / concerns about relocating to Ireland?

Why do I choose Ireland? I had 2 choices, with job offers from Ireland and Germany. Ireland seemed closer culturally for me. I also knew more about Irish culture. I hadn’t been here before but it felt more comfortable, the language, the atmosphere and the culture. It all was all more interesting to me in Ireland than Germany.

Did I have any reservations?

Well yes, I had never moved and lived somewhere else for long period of time before. I hoped that it would be ok fitting in, and I had never been here before. I hoped it would work out, it’s always tough leaving your family and friends.

How have you found it now that you are here?

I came here 6 months ago. I like it here in Dublin. The people are welcoming and were very helpful when I was moving here and moving into my apartment. I would struggle to find anything bad to say. The job turned out well, and the people I met were good, it has all been positive experiences so far.

What tips would you give to other people thinking about moving to Ireland?

This depends if you are moving to a job already. If so then you need to prepare for the apartment search. Investigate before you come here. This will help you to get a feel for the market. You can start looking before you come which will help you once you arrive here. Fortunately, I was hired for the job before I came which was great, so didn’t have to worry about looking for. Looking for accommodation is something you need to prepare for though. Prices are about 30% higher than in Croatia, try and prepare for that period of paying a month’s rent and deposit upfront before you get paid.

Is there anything you would have done differently?

No, I don’t think so. Though related to apartments I would have maybe researched this remotely before I got here. That was a little tough, and I could have done some of the looking before I came.

How do you find the tech scene in Dublin?

There is a great ruby on rails meetup. There are lots of vibrant developer communities here. It’s very good, there are lots of people here meeting and talking about various specialist languages. I just went to a ruby on rails meetup, and there are meetups for other languages too, Clojure for example. I like to dabble in other languages, to work on small projects to learn more. Dublin is good for this.

What are your favourite things about living and working in Ireland?

I cycle to work, and the cycling infrastructure is good. The cycle to work scheme is great, there are lots of cycling tracks, and a good fitness culture with many sports amenities and we are near the seaside which is nice. I like the pub culture too, the craft beer and the whisky here. All ages of people go out here. This is different compared to Zagreb, where it is mostly just the young people that go out.

Have you been outside Dublin yet?

Yes. I have been to Galway, Kerry, I liked it. Things are good when you get outside of Dublin. Nature is great, it’s not so crowded. Ireland is not very big, but it is packed with good things to see. You can go on a 3-hour ride and be on the other side of the country looking at the West Coast. Dublin is great to live in, but if you go outside of it, you see the island itself. Lots of farms, small cities, the national parks, such as those in Kerry and Galway.

How long do you think you will stay?

I don’t know. I have no plans for going back. It will be a minimum of a year, it could be a maximum of indefinitely!For the next three to five years I plan to develop my skills and learn more. I want to diversify my skill set, to then use that at work and to expand it. Then we will see if it all goes to plan.

How do you feel about the Irish IT sector? Do you feel it is still growing?

Yes, it feels like it is. Especially compared to Croatia. over there things are slower, it’s not growing in the same way or at the same rate. There is a Croatian tech community, but here there is more growth and companies are developing rapidly here. This is especially true in the company I am working for, Storyful, which has just hired more developers and is always looking out for more developers.

Software Placements placed Marko at Storyful, a social media news agency.

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