2017 Top Tips for getting the job you deserve

If you are in IT there are lots of great jobs out there. Software Placements can help you to find the next high potential job in your career. To help us to help you, here are some tips to make sure you get noticed by the right people.


Is your LinkedIn profile up to date, and including all the relevant keywords?

Make your LinkedIn profile do your work for you. Make sure is up to date, with a good, professional photo, and listing all the current, relevant technologies and coding languages you are using. This way other people can find you, even without you actively looking for work. This way you can increase your profile and increase the chances that recruiters and companies can see the value of your experience. It’s important that you include all the words that you consider to be your key attributes and assets. These are also the terms that companies will specifically pay to search across databases like LinkedIn as well as across other social media platforms.

Are you active in relevant online and physical meet up groups?

Whatever your particular area of speciality, as well as the areas you’d like to possibly work in the future, there will be local meetup groups taking place. Firstly these are good ways to stay up to date with trends in your professional area of expertise, be it Java, Ruby, or cyber security, network manager, testing etc. Secondly it also shows other people, including those who may not attend the events, but follow them online, that you are passionate and interested in your area. Software Placements sponsor a number of events like this including Dublin Beta for Startups to showcase their ideas, and Startup Grind, who have successful entrepreneurs come and share their experiences and ideas.

If you live somewhere remotely, then online versions of meetups such as Github, or StackOverflow, Quora, Reddit (again find your particular specialist niche within them) etc. These forums are great ways to show the wider community your knowledge and expertise, or, if you are a newbie, to learn more about your chosen field. Many live events will often stream and record their meetups too so that you can watch them at a later date if you are unable to attend.


Create your own blog and showcase your expertise

Rather than wait for the world to realise how smart and talented you are, why not go ahead and show them already. A blog / twitter account is a great way to show the world what you know, think and are doing. A good way to prepare before launching your own one is to look at some of the people who you find interesting, inspirational and helpful. Then draw up a list of topics that you have some ideas on. Blogging is a great way to think through your own ideas and try things out. If something does really well, you can always repost it as a LinkedIn post, or offer it as a guest post to a higher profile site too. All of which will help to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in your area.

Make sure people know that you are looking for your next role

At Software Placements we get inquiries from all over the world for people looking for their next great job, both in Ireland and also across Europe including Spain and Germany, where there is currently a great demand for talented coders. Do get in touch, let us know your area of expertise, and who knows we might be able to line up your next position for 2017.

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