Why working with data is a way to future proof your career

Why working with data is a way to future-proof your career

Data is an extremely popular topic at the moment. We have lots of great data science jobs (see this most recent example and keep an eye here for all the latest jobs we have). There have also been lots of studies that suggest that there will be more jobs in this area. See this piece by Techrepublic for example that lists 16 jobs that will be required in the future for smart cities. Many of the job titles sound a little futuristic but it is clear with an increasingly interconnected society, aided by the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) there will be more and more data generated, and with it, the need for experts in analysing the data created.


Ireland, in particular, is in a great position because of all the great work carried out by Host in Ireland to encourage even more companies to locate their data centres in Ireland. Host in Ireland has showcased Ireland’s five markets leading Ps; pipes, policy, pedigree, people, and power. All of this is actively encouraging more companies to host their data in Ireland, which will then encourage the creation of more data scientist roles, in analysis, interpretation and extracting insights from this data. Google, Apple and Facebook among many other less well-known companies are all building new data centres in Ireland to increase their capacity to store and manage even more of the world’s data that is being generated every second.


If you’re looking to future-proof your career this could be the area to learn more about, and a skill to add to your existing talents. As more and more data centres are built in Ireland and more data is hosted here, the need for more qualified data scientists will only increase. At Software Placements we have already witnessed first hand the rise in demand for data scientists and those with experience of working in this field. The increased uncertainty around the UK’s future role in Europe after the results of Brexit have also encouraged many companies to look at Ireland as a better choice for their European operations. If you think you might have the relevant skills to fill one of our positions do contact us and we will be delighted to help you in moving to Ireland to take up one of our roles.

For those of you were wondering what the predicted 16 new jobs were, here they are, as predicted by Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn, vice president and general manager of services and chief knowledge officer for Cisco Systems.

  1. Robotics specialist
  2. Cyber security analyst
  3. 3D print technician
  4. Virtual reality design
  5. Network programmer (SDN)
  6. Machine learning scientist
  7. Industrial network engineer
  8. Customer makers
  9. Neuro implant technician
  10. Professional triber
  11. Digital anthropologist
  12. Platform developer
  13. Business transformation practitioner
  14. Cloud Architect
  15. Data scientist
  16. Urban innovation/Urban Mechanics

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