Top Tips for Recruiting the Best Talent for Start-ups

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Hiring the top talent out there to work on the start-up that you have going can be daunting. You have to find the best people for the positions you need to fill. When you make a wrong choice, this could mean bad results for your company. Use these top tips for choosing the best talent to work within your start up and see your company prosper. You may be surprised to find that the best talent is awaiting you in the long run.

Share Your Vision

When you share your vision with those that are interested in the job, you can see if their visions match up with yours. Having others that are like minded and working towards the same goals can help everyone out in the long run. Not only is this ideal for everyone working together on the team, but it can make you feel more confident hiring someone that is onboard with the plans and can see your company growing, as well as them growing with the company.

Make sure they know the mission statement and if at all possible, have a handbook that explains the ins and outs of working with the company and what they and you expect if they’re hired.

Test Their Skills

Knowing what they’re good at is one thing, but you have to have proof. Whether this is through results that they can show, or through a test that you provide them with; it gives you a better idea of what they’re capable of. Of course, the test has to go along with the position they’re going to take within your company, so make sure to test them on relevant topics. This is going to make all the difference when it comes to choosing who you should and should not hire for the positions.

It also gives you something to compare and contract multiple employees with. This makes the selection process much easier.


Be Quick About it

When it comes to closing with employees, you want to be quick about it. If you want to work with someone, you have to make sure that you can close on working with them. You never know who is going to snatch that talent up first. If they seem to be onboard, extend a hand to them and welcome them to the team. You want to work with someone that can prove to be the best for the company. This is always a good thing to consider when hiring anyone, for any position. If you like them – hire them.

Offer Real Benefits

A lot of employees that work remotely might not have access to many benefits. When you offer benefits on top of the pay, this can bring in even more candidates for the positions you have to fill. You want to choose from a healthy selection so by offering them something that sounds great, more people are going to want to get the job with your company. Skimping out on these benefits just means less to choose from. Be wise about what you’re going to hand out. Some ideas for benefits include:

• Healthcare
• Incentives
• Bonuses
• Gym memberships

Hire Fans of the Company

Reach out first to those that love the company initially. You want to work with them more than others since they’re out to work with the brand that they love. They’re not out to get huge salaries or giant benefits from the company. They want a job they can love and when they work with a brand they love, they can get just that. Hiring someone that is able to love the company just as much as you do puts you in the lead and gives your company an advantage over others. You don’t have miserable workers that are just there to collect their salary and go home. You have employees that are working hard to boost awareness and quality.

Hold on to The Talent

If you currently have existing talent working within your company, hold onto them. Offer them the benefits, the pay and the rewards that go along with working with your company. You don’t want to worry about losing someone valuable to the company just because you’re looking for new talent. Make sure that they know they have a spot there and they’re going to keep it. Once you hire new talent on, make sure to keep them there, as well. This is a must, since this is what is going to keep your start up going and growing.

Bringing in new talent, whether it is remotely or in the office is a big thing. When you have a start-up company, it is much like having a new baby. You want others on your team that care about it just as much as you care about it. This is going to make all the difference when it comes to hiring new people onto the team. Speak with each one and evaluate how they feel about the company. From there, check out their skills and talents and make sure to choose the ones that just seem to be the best ones for the job. You need a team on your side and luckily for you, you’re the boss, so you can create the best one filled with the talent you need

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