Top Coding Languages for 2017

Software development is booming. More and more people want to live their lives, pay bills, book tickets, interact with others, and be entertained through their mobile devices. As a result, there has been a phenomenal rise in the demand for skilled programmers and software engineers to help companies deliver these services and products. At Software Placements we have many many great coding positions we are looking to fill. There are many programming languages out there, and it is important to stay on top of what is in demand, and what is rising in popularity. Below we share some of the latest information and resources about how to stay ahead of the latest trends in software development and the languages being used to create new products.


If you are a top software developer your skills will be in demand. If you are also able to work in more than one programming language you will be taking a massive step towards future-proofing your career. It is important to keep an eye on what languages are in demand, and also which ones are rising in popularity.

One of our favourite sites for checking the coding pulse of the world is the TIOBE Index. If you’re not aware of TIOBE then it is a great resource that you should be aware of. It will help you to understand what new languages are hot, and rising in usage.

Here are their insights on the latest hot new coding languages that are rising in popularity.

January Headline: Google’s Go is TIOBE’s programming language of 2016

TIOBE rewards the programming language that has gained the most popularity in a year with the programming language of the year award. Without hardly any competition Go has won the award for 2016. Google’s Go language won 2.16% in one year. Runner ups Dart (+0.95%) and Perl (+0.91%) follow at a considerable distance. The main drivers behind Go’s success are its ease of learning and pragmatic nature. It is not about theoretical concepts such as virtual inheritance and monads but about hands-on experience. Apart from that Go has built-in support for concurrency programming. More and more customers of our company TIOBE are adopting Go in an industrial setting. That is a good indicator.”

If you were wondering, TIOBE stands for ‘The Importance of Being Ernest’. Yes perhaps best not to ask, as all programming experts are already aware, there are lots of similar, quirky in-jokes.


Traditional programming languages are still in demand too

Java, Javascript, Python, PHP, Ruby, C++, C#, Visual Basic .NET, Scala and SQL are all still highly valued languages too. If you can demonstrate your excellence in languages like this. Ideally with the innovative code posted onto Github, and thoughtful answers to other programmers questions on StackoverFlow then your career is looking rosy for 2017. We surveyed a few recent  articles and similar results appear in most of them.


Check out our blog also where we give some tips on how to improve your coding in various languages such as Python and Java among others. We have lots of great coding and software developer positions that we’re trying to find the right people.  Drop us a line at Software Placements and see if we can find the right job for you. Contact us here

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