Why Tech Talent is missing out when they ignore Recruiters !

January is easily the most depressing month of the year. It has the worst day – Blue Monday, the most relationship breakups and the most deaths. Most of us end our New Year resolutions and have no money to spend. While outside, it’s dark, it’s cold, and it’s miserable.

It’s also miserable for in-demand tech professionals, being bombarded with stupid questions from inexperienced recruiters, in the busiest recruitment month of the year.

“Have you got a second? I have an exciting opportunity for cloud testing of front end Ruby data analysis.”

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It’s no wonder Tech professionals? they go into hiding. I’ve had social conversations with developers who don’t answer unrecognised numbers for fear of it being a recruiter. They take their profile down from LinkedIn and Twitter and reveal nothing about their job on Facebook or Instagram.

I understand why we’ve got to this situation and I want to set the records straight on behalf of us qualified, experienced and successful recruiters. Because tech professionals are missing out if they don’t use the services of a good recruitment consultant.

How the recruitment industry has damaged its relationship with IT

For a lot of job positions, recruitment is relatively easy. There are lots of people looking, and there are lots of people hiring. So, someone under the title of ‘Recruitment Consultant’ could be looking for administrators on a Monday, chefs on a Tuesday and a cloud security architect on a Wednesday.

The requirements of an administrator and chef are important, and I believe you need to have a knowledge of the industries and challenges to recruiting in these areas. However, we both know a job specification within IT, most notably development, requires a lot of essential, specific, technical experience. If I as a recruiter, don’t set out to have a deep understanding of those roles and the type of people required for them, I will not succeed.

The issue is since these highly skilled professionals are scarce, a strong candidate is very valuable and an enticing prospect for any recruiter. Including the inexperienced and unscrupulous operators.

That creates an issue for the specialised tech recruiters who match up the perfect candidate with the ideal job, month after month.

Characteristics of a Good Recruiter? Why you SHOULD use a good recruiter

There are a number of agencies and sole trader consultants in Ireland, like us, who specialise in a niche area. We spend years building up a deep understanding of the unique requirements on how to match the right person with the right job in that one area.
Here in Software Placements, the average tenure of our consultants is ten years, all within the area of IT recruitment. In addition, each of those consultants doesn’t work across the breadth of IT roles. Every staff member has their own area of expertise, such as DevOps, information security and testing.
Trusted Advisor:
An excellent recruitment consultant should be able to advise candidates on the current employment market. If you’re a Ruby on Rails engineer, what are the current best opportunities among start-ups, blue-chip companies or in the public sector? How much would you, as a senior SQL database administrator expect to earn in an Irish Insurance company? Where can you develop your career if your background has been in C++?

We are highly skilled at screening CVs and interviewing. That means we can coach candidates to perform their best throughout the hiring process and how to negotiate the best package.

From a company’s perspective, we can give an honest appraisal of the amount of Rust Engineers available in Ireland and what salary would be required to attract them. We can help HR departments to weed out the unqualified CVs and present a strong candidate, who matches the skill requirements and are also a cultural fit.

We never promise what we can’t deliver. We offer honest appraisals for both potential employees and employers.


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