Startup Grind Dublin Returns

We’re pleased to announce the latest Startup Grind event is on this month on November 23rd. Tickets are available here but get one soon as previous events had sold out.

The Dublin Chapter of Startup Grind will be welcoming Fiona Slevin to the stage. Fiona has had an unbelievably interesting career backstory, with senior change management and leadership roles at global giants such as Diageo, and Goldman Sachs, before returning to Ireland to begin her startup journey.


Fiona founded her first startup, Haptica, in 2001, and led the company through to its acquisition in 2012. In 2014, Fiona became COO at Orrecco, a fast-scaling Irish tech company based in Galway, which uses biomarker data to predict performance, improve recovery and reduce injury & fatigue amongst professional and elite athletes.


The great thing about these evenings is that the speakers share their insights into what worked, what didn’t, and things that they would consider doing differently with hindsight. There always good insights from the Q and A sessions too, and you never know who will be in the audience too that you might be able to learn from as well.


It will be a useful evening: career journeys such as Fiona’s, taking in high-powered corporate roles alongside full-cycle entrepreneurial endeavours, are a rare thing, and there’ll be heaps to learn from Fiona on her approach to innovation, growth, and the development of key leadership skills. We hope to see you there.

If you’d like to get an idea of what a Startup Grind event is like you can see more in our coverage of the last event here. At this event, Startup Grind Dublin host, David Scanlon, interviewed serial entrepreneur David Blanchfield. Talking with David Scanlon after the event he shared his insights about interviewing Sean. David said, “he was a very honest speaker, with so many different types of direct, personal experience to draw on.” Sean has been through the experience of developing an idea and starting up a company several times. gaming (with millions of users already on the platform), but they didn’t see that being the opportunity at the time.”. It is often the most unexpected areas of the business which prove to be the ones that make you or someone else’s fortune!

Coming soon after the Startup Grind event on November 23rd will be the twentieth Dublin Beta event which we are also sponsoring and will be another great event. If you are inspired by Fiona’s story and insights then this event on December 5th will be the perfect place to showcase your own startup idea and get invaluable feedback too.

Software Placements is delighted to support these events and the Dublin Startup community in general. If you are currently between startups or are perhaps bootstrapping and looking for a well-paid daytime gig to supplement your own initiative do check out our own jobs page. We have lots of great companies looking for top coders, developers, software engineers and many many top roles within the IT sector.


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