Software Placements to sponsor Startup Grind

Software Placements to sponsor Startup Grind

Exciting news as Software Placements continues their support of the Irish Startup Scene by partnering up with the Irish Startup Grind team. David Scanlon, Venture Investment Leader at NDRC, spoke more about this exciting new collaboration with Software Placements.

Startup Grind is the world’s largest entrepreneur community; each month we gather in over 200 city Chapters across the globe to share and celebrate the daily “grind” of being an entrepreneur. Founders gather together to hear the stories from the trenches of tech entrepreneurship: not sales pitches, or tales of improbable overnight success. Our goal is to educate, inspire, and connect every single entrepreneur on the planet, and we use the 1-to-1 fireside chat format to allow a founder, investor, or other key influencers to share their wisdom with our audience.

Startups appreciate the value of the community, because we deliver impact: people come to the Grind and get hired; speakers come to the Grind and recruit staff; sponsors come to the events and win new business, and I know of at least one early-stage team who came to a Grind and were offered €100K by an investor they met there. On top of this, everything we do at the Grind, both during the interview, and the networking which follows, is driven by our Values: helping others before we help ourselves; giving before you take; and making friends, not business contacts.

What are the upcoming events that people can look forward to?

We have one announced so far, Elizabeth Yin, a Partner with 500 Startups, based in Silicon Valley. We will be running more events though with other great inspiring entrepreneurs, so keep an eye out for future announcements.

How does Software Placements sponsorship of the event help?

It can be a challenge for tech startups to recruit the resources they need to get the product into their customer’s hands, it’s a problem that members of our community bring to me on a regular basis. Mike and the rest of the team at Software Placements are definitely a part of the solution.

What are your tips for startups looking to do well?

Be open to feedback. If you’re not able to listen and learn, either from your customers, your peers, or your competitors then you’re not going to be flexible enough to deal with the enormous hurdles facing you as an entrepreneur.

What / who have been your highlights from previous events?

Interviewing Derek Andersen (founder & CEO of Startup Grind), was a big moment for me, I admire the incredible movement he’s created (see more here). I also think that my first interview (with Alan Coleman, founder of Brite:Bill) was a personal highlight, as I had been going to Startup Grind events around the world during the previous two years, and it was a special moment to be hosting my first event as Director.

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