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Jerko Buric

We were delighted to chat with the talented Digital Forensics and eDiscovery consultant Jerko Buric, who was successfully recruited by Software Placements, from his beautiful hometown of Split, Croatia last August to come and work in Dublin for Grant Thornton.

What is your background? What did you do in Croatia?

I was a consultant in a company, delivering training, from small cases of digital forensics,  and up to how to deal with big cyber raids on your company. This was my first job out of college after I graduated from my Masters in the UK in September 2014. I then worked in Croatia. The job that I did was fine, but I knew that I had the ability to work on a wider range of areas. My expertise was in digital forensics, and this area is still quite new, so there was only so much demand for it in Croatia.

Why did you decide to come to Ireland?

I was thinking of leaving Croatia and working outside of Croatia, it’s a small country, with limited working opportunities. I knew I’d be working outside Croatia borders sooner or later. Ireland was coming up in 10% of places where I wanted to work, I was mostly looking at the UK. I imagined that I would be working there, but I was also open to the possibility of Ireland too if the role was right.

When I started to look for a job, I looked on UK sites, but then Software Placements and Steven (Latchford) in particular asked if I’d considered moving to Ireland. I had and so I was happy to look at that too. There were other options too, many based in London, also Czech and Croatia, but as I mentioned I felt it was time to move beyond Croatia for my next role.

There were two reasons I chose Dublin. One was that I liked the role, it was to work on cyber security with Grant Thornton, which was the area I wanted to go into. The second reason was my dad! He told me that when he was working with Irish people he enjoyed the experience and felt it was very similar culturally to Split and Croatia. He said that I would like it, that Ireland is safe, speaks English, and is friendly and accepting. As you know it is good to listen to your parents (sometimes!) so I decided that I should give it a go.

What are the challenges of moving to Ireland?

  1. English. The language firstly. I can understand and speak it, but it is still initially quite terrifying working to be working in a different language. At college it is a bit different, you are allowed to repeat questions if you don’t understand certain things. When you are at work, you can’t keep asking clients what they meant. This was my biggest fear, but of course, after awhile you get to understand the local accent better and better and I am happy with how it’s going.
  2. Finding a place to live. There is a big demand for places to live. Software Placements were very good about warning me about this, and to be careful about this. About finding a place that is right for me, and to look out for any potential scams too. Luckily it worked out alright and I am happy where I am living. Rents are high, but salaries are higher too.

How has it been going so far, the pros and cons?

I am enjoying it. The options that this job provides are great. The feeling of safety in the city is great, it reminds me of my own country, and my home city. It’s bigger in Dublin, but it is a city by the sea, they both drink a lot of beer (laughs), both friendly. I also hear that Dublin is going to become a top IT country in the world, so it’s great to be part of this growing scene. Here my salary is good, rent is high, but my salary allows me to take my girlfriend to London, to go home, to be able to live and enjoy life. Especially because in Ireland it is not all about the work.

The cons? Well, the weather! It is too windy, sometimes there is too much overtime, but overall everything else is fine. The people, the culture, the city, are all fine and I feel safe. There are no big cons to coming here. Here the sky is the limit if you can get it right.

What are your tips for others thinking of doing the same?

If you are thinking about moving from one place to another, then go for it. If you don’t then go for it, otherwise you’ll be left wondering about if you should have done it. Looking back I was happy with how the process went. It can be a challenge, to make sure you keep doing the things that you are most interested in working on, but I guess that’s part of looking after your own career progression. Overall it has been a great experience and I am pleased to have taken the opportunity to come and work in Dublin.


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