Are you a great Ruby/Ruby on Rails developer?

Are you a great Ruby, and / or Ruby on Rails developer?

If so Software Placements would like to hear from you as there are some great positions available in many attractive cities in both Ireland and Germany including Dublin, Berlin and Munich.


We spoke with Michael Brennan, Co-Director of Software Placements and lead Ruby recruiter to find out more. Michael explained that overall he is now seeing a big demand for good Ruby developers.” Ruby on Rails is a language this is in big demand, both in Ireland and Germany. We’re getting lots of inquiries from companies looking for talented programmers in Ruby. Interestingly for those that are looking to work in Germany, especially Berlin and Munich it is the go-to language for companies looking to develop and scale their websites.”


Interestingly there are not that many Ruby developers out there. If you know someone at college deciding which programming language to study it might be a good idea to suggest that they include Ruby in their portfolio of languages they learn. Michael explained further

“Ruby is a popular language to be used for website development because it is an open source language if you can become an experienced developer and demonstrate this you could easily be looking at €70,000 to €85,000 yearly salaries”.

Software Placements are now placing more and more people in similar positions in Germany and other European countries.

“It is great to be able to offer positions both inside and outside of Ireland. Not everyone in Dublin people is in interested in going to Germany, but there are many people in Europe and within Germany who are looking for their next career move”.

The different cities also offer different appeals as Michael described.

“Munich, for example, pays better, but rents are higher. In Berlin, rents are not as high and for many, it is a cooler place to live”. For this reason, we are excited to be able to offer employment opportunities in a range of cities.

We then asked him what types of Ruby skills were employers looking for. Michael explained,

“the skills that are needed are to have experience in having developed applications, and websites. That really is the main thing, it’s great if you have some front end experience including javascript, HTML, or XML, but really the main thing we’re looking for is strong back end skills”.

We then asked him where Software Placements were currently recruiting people from.

“Currently mostly from Europe, especially Eastern Europe for the German positions, the culture is less different and the distance from their own countries. That said the most recent position we filled was with a Brazilian, who was already based in Germany. Before that, we placed a Czech person for a position in Dublin. Really we are recruiting from all over, and if you’re good enough and the right fit for the company then you have a great chance of being hired!”

Finally, we asked him how can candidates present themselves as well as possible to increase their chances of being hired?

“If you can have a good CV, with your skills clearly laid out that’s a great starting point. Then make sure you have all the details about the applications you have built, the size of them and the tools you used to build them. If you can do that you will make your application much stronger and make it that much easier for us to successfully place you.”

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