How to make your IT relocation to Ireland as successful as possible

We’re in the business of finding and recruiting the best possible candidates to fill a whole range of positions here in Ireland.  Here at Software Placements we’ve successfully recruited many people to take up their next position in the booming IT sector. We are committed to finding the best candidates, whether they are based in Ireland, or need to be recruited from overseas. Ireland is experiencing a boom at the moment, with a great demand for qualified, skilled people to fill these positions. While we look to find people who are already successfully based and working in Ireland, the demand for this talent is far greater than can be filled just from within the Irish market alone. This means in our quest to find the best candidates for the role, we are often involved in searching and recruiting from all over the world, both within, and outside the European Union.


We’d love to hear from you if you are interested in coming to work in Ireland. In the meantime we’d also like to share some insights with you, based on interviews and comments from people that we have already successfully recruited and placed with Irish IT companies.

Firstly it is important to be aware of the challenges you will need to consider when moving to Ireland. Jerko Buric, who moved from Spilt, Croatia, to take up his new role in cyber security in Dublin with GrantThornton explained two of the key challenges you need to consider.

What are the challenges of moving to Ireland?

  1. English. The language firstly. I can understand and speak it, but it is still initially quite terrifying working to be working in a different language. At college it is a bit different, you are allowed to repeat questions if you don’t understand certain things. When you are at work, you can’t keep asking clients what they meant. This was my biggest fear, but of course after awhile you get to understand the local accent better and better and I am happy with how it’s going.
  2. Finding a place to live. There is a big demand for places to live. Software Placements were very good about warning me about this, and to be careful about this. About finding a place that is right for me, and to look out for any potential scams too. Luckily it worked out alright and I am happy where I am living. Rents are high, but salaries are higher too.

We also spoke with Mikhail, who left southern Russia to come and work in Dublin.

What tips would you give to other people thinking about moving to Ireland?

I would say people should consider the climate. For me though I like the weather. Some complain that it’s wet, and little sun, so if you really like sunny places this might be a little problem. However I am from a hot part of Russia, in the south, so it is great to live somewhere that doesn’t get as hot or as cold as where I came from.

Another tip I would give is that it is important to know your salary, and how much you are able to save, and how much you will pay in tax. It is good to have an idea of the Irish tax system, or make sure to ask people who do know about this.

It is also important to research what it is like to live here in Ireland.

Danielle, a software tester from Brazil had the following to say.

How have you found it now that you are here?

We are loving it. It is really friendly. The only thing we don’t like is the weather, when it is raining. But it doesn’t rain all the time! Besides the weather (I really miss the sunshine, a bit more of heat and swimming at the beaches 🙂 ). I really like it here. People are nice and kind, it is a safe country. I can walk alone and with computer/phone without fear. My life quality improved a lot. I can travel, plan holidays, and take them, as there isn’t too much overtime at work (at least for me).

Marko Satek, a Ruby on Rails developer from Zagreb had the following insights to offer too.

What tips would you give to other people thinking about moving to Ireland?

This depends if you are moving to a job already. If so then you need to prepare for the apartment search. Investigate before you come here. This will help you to get a feel for the market. You can start looking before you come which will help you once you arrive here.Fortunately I was hired for the job before I came which was great, so didn’t have to worry about looking for. Looking for accommodation is something you need to prepare for though. Prices are about 30% higher than in Croatia, try and prepare for that period of paying a month’s rent and deposit upfront before you get paid.

Overall it is an exciting time to come and work in Ireland, with lots of great opportunities for career progression. We hope to place many more people across the rest of 2017 and beyond in the right roles and the jobs they deserve. Drop us a line and hopefully we can help you next!

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