Why it might be a good idea to relocate your tech career to Ireland

Why it might be a good time to relocate your tech career to Ireland

Like many other people, we were a little surprised and even disappointed to see the UK vote to leave the European Union. We know that nothing is settled yet, but there have already been significant changes. The value of Stirling has plummeted, with a knock on effects to the confidence to the wider business community. The rapid succession of actual and possible leaders of the UK conservative party, Cameron, Osbourne, Johnson, Gove and now ultimately May, suggests that things may not settle down for a while yet. Will the UK activate their option to leave the EU? If so, by when and what will this mean for non-UK nationals based in the country? No one is yet able to offer a definitive answer to these questions. This is already affecting potential investment decisions by global companies, with several deciding to relocate to Dublin or mainland Europe. It is also affecting your potential career choices too.

At Software Placements we have already seen a massive upturn in the number of non-UK nationals (EU and others) based in the UK approaching us about their employment options in Ireland. The great news is that we have lots of great IT positions in a wide range of areas. Ireland is currently experiencing a skills shortage in terms of filling many key IT areas, from developers, testers, QA experts, software project managers to security experts and many more positions too. We have recruited and successfully placed many European and non-European nationals in Ireland already and would be delighted to help you continue your IT career too. If you have been successfully working and living in the UK, you will find it a smooth transition to come and live in Ireland. As the only English speaking country who will remain in the European Union, there will be no language barrier, and you will find and meet your compatriots who have already located to work here in Ireland.

We have good experience in helping incoming workers to get the necessary visa status, and the process generally takes around half the time of the UK application procedure. We’ve created a guide to help you through the visa process which you can view here. To help you adjust to life in Ireland we have produced a guide for ‘How to successfully settle in Ireland’.

Ireland Sunset

Ireland is a beautiful place, with a long standing tradition of welcoming people from different countries. It is also politically stable, a proud and committed member of the European Union, with a history of supporting causes and campaigns in other countries less fortunate than themselves. It is unfortunate that the UK has voted for Brexit and entered into this period of political and economic instability. At the same time, there is a tech boom in Ireland and we’d be delighted to help offer you the opportunity to continue the successful trajectory of your own particular IT career.

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