Latest Events Sponsored by Software Placements

Latest events sponsored by Software Placements

At Software Placements we believe it is important to put something back into the software development community, and it is important to stay in touch with the impressive existing and up and coming talent in Ireland. To support this goal we were delighted with the turnout and quality of the speakers and startups at our latest two sponsored events, Dublin Beta and Startup Grind.


It was great to see an impressive range of different types of startups presenting their ideas at Dublin Beta. From social good and helping the planet (KinoSol) to recruitment ( to fintech (Assure Hedge) to sport (Matchdaysports) these were among some of the impressive companies pitching at this month’s Dublin Beta evening. It’s always impressive to listen to the startups pitch their concepts and inspiring to see so many of them go on to become major successes too.

Following on from Dublin Beta, was the latest Startup Grind event, which clearly demonstrated the massive success that some Dublin startups have already achieved. This month’s Startup Grind event was partnered with the Uprise Festival also taking place to showcase and support startups.


This month’s event took place in the impressive surroundings of Dublin City Hall. This was a great location for the audience to learn more about the impressive startup experiences of Sean Blanchfield, serial entrepreneur and founder of Demonware, Phorest salon Software and now PageFair. As always he was ably interviewed by David Scanlon, the director of Startup Grind Dublin.


Talking with David Scanlon after the event he shared his insights about interviewing Sean. David observed, “he was a very honest speaker, with so many different types of direct, personal experience to draw on.” Sean has been through the experience of developing an idea and starting up a company several times. David continued “I thought that one of the key moments was when Sean discussed the decision to sell Demonware to Activision: when I asked if he felt he had left anything on the table, he said in hindsight Demonware were sitting on an enormous opportunity to create a social network around gaming (with millions of users already on the platform), but they didn’t see that being the opportunity at the time.” It is a real challenge to know which elements of your company may go on to become the parts which are worth the most value. It is often the most unexpected areas of the business which prove to be the ones that make you or someone else’s fortune!

David discussed with Sean his invaluable experience from all of his startups, which offered useful insights to everyone in their own work, at whatever size their company currently is at. Sean then used the lessons learned from his first startups in his following initiatives as David described “I think he brought some of that learning into his time at ScaleFront when his key focus was on understanding the measurable, real value of any project they were assessing”.

At Software Placements we certainly enjoyed listening to the insights from this month’s Startup Grind event, and also the energy and ideas from the Dublin Beta event too. We hope everyone else there found it as useful as we did. Keep your ears open for when the next events will be on and we look forward to seeing at you at one or other of the next events in the series.

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