Irish Success Story – Mikhail


Where did you move from to come and live in Ireland?

In April 2015, I moved here from southern Russia.

What were you doing before and what position did you come here to take up?

I was a software developer based in southern Russia, mostly working on contracts remotely. I had worked for foreign companies, with about 10 years experience.

Why did you decide to move to Ireland?

I found a job, I liked the culture. There were many things for me. As a country, Ireland is full of talented people. Literature and the arts are important to me so Ireland was an appealing place to come to. I don’t play music but I like to listen to it, so Ireland was a great place to come for things like this.

Did you have any reservations / concerns about relocating to Ireland?

I was concerned about prices, because people talk about the high prices, especially for accommodation, in Dublin in particular but it didn’t stop me coming here though. Overall I am actually doing ok. The rents are pretty high, and it can be hard to find places to rent, but overall if you work in the IT sector you can pay the rents.

How have you found it now that you are here?

I like it very much. The people are very friendly, talkative and helpful. I have also travelled, to Galway, Kilkenny, and Cork. My impression is that there are many opportunities to see different beautiful places in Ireland. From Dublin, you have the Wicklow mountains. I’m also near Sandyford and from here there is Dalkey and many other beautiful places less than 15 mins away. I also like the west coast of Ireland, in Russia, there are huge distances between places, but here it is 3 hours to see the sea and the other side of the country.

What tips would you give to other people thinking about moving to Ireland?

I would say people should consider the climate. For me, though I like the weather. Some complain that it’s wet, and little sun, so if you really like sunny places this might be a little problem. However, I am from a hot part of Russia, in the south, so it is great to live somewhere that doesn’t get as hot or as cold as where I came from.

Another tip I would give is that it is important to know your salary, and how much you are able to save, and how much you will pay in tax. It is good to have an idea of the Irish tax system or make sure to ask people who do know about this.

Is there anything you would have done differently?

Nothing really, it has been going well so far thanks!

What are your favourite things about living and working in Ireland?

I like the country, the people, there are many things about it I like. The country is very good for IT people. There are many jobs, and they keep adding new ones too.

How does the Irish IT scene compare to the Russian one?

If you want a good job in IT in Russia you have to move to Moscow, or work remotely like I did. In my town, there were no good IT positions, but in Ireland, there are lots of jobs. There are also companies in several Irish cities, Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick so there are more opportunities.

How did you find your Irish job?

I sent my CV out. I applied online, the recruiter found various positions for me. I then had phone interviews in Russia. I decided to visit Ireland to see what it was like. The recruiter suggested I have some job interviews so by the time I came to Ireland I already had job interviews lined up. With no job offer, it would not have been possible to come to Ireland. Even then it took a little time, I waiting for nearly 3 months to get the work permit before I could come over.

How long do you think you will stay?

I have to stay for two years with my current employer. At moment I like it very much, so I am happy to stay. I don’t have plans to start my own company. I would rather try to advance to more important positions, something like a senior developer or a solutions architect. I’m happy where I am, and doing what I am doing.

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked you?

Irish law, immigration law, was a bit hard to understand, especially the time frame, and the processes required. It would be good to have known what to expect, both for before you come and when you are in Ireland. Once I got here it has been a great positive experience overall.


Mikhail was placed by Software Placements to work for Dedsert an online gaming company

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