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Why Ireland is a great place to work: Irish migration success stories.

Federico Ciulla

From Rome to Ireland, Fedrico Ciulla, network and security engineer

Where did you move from to come to Ireland?

I moved to Ireland from Rome. I was working in network and security and consulting for bigger companies too. I had been working in this area for nine years. I’m 26 now and began working in this area after graduating from high school. I began by studying a professional course in the evenings and combined with my high school training this enable me to follow this career in Rome.

Why did you choose to work in Dublin, Ireland?

I never saw even saw the job. Steven from Software Placements contacted me, he found me through Linkedin or Monster, and he called me! I had been thinking of going outside of Italy. I was considering several countries, but in Ireland, everyone speaks English and there are direct flights back home too which is really good. It means I am able to go back home and visit my family (and girlfriend) at least once a month.

Why did you decide to move to Ireland?

Italy is not so good at the moment. Work is not so great, without much possibility to go up and progress. Whereas there are lots of opportunities in Ireland. If you are good and you work hard, there is the possibility to make a good career in Ireland.

How long have you been here?

7 months

Of course, my mother was heartbroken, but she understands, you have to leave Italy to do things. It’s not bad in Italy, but it is a struggle, it is possible to get more here, both in terms of money, and quality of life.

Did you have any reservations / concerns about relocating to Ireland?

Yes, the weather for sure, and the renting situation. The weather it turns out, it’s not that bad. It does rain, but mostly just sprinkles, and I enjoy the good air and the wind. With the housing I was lucky. I found my house straight away, in Dundrum I found it. I liked the first house I saw and I moved in!

How do you find Ireland now that you are living here?

It’s really nice. The whole environment is relaxing, much more so than Rome. The people are great, gentle, kind. Also, everything that is in Italy is here too. The transportation system is not so great. Getting to work is ok, I take the green Luas, and use the Dublin bikes, this is good. To get around the city is trickier, the buses are crowded, and often late, that’s not so great, but it is better than Rome!

For fun I go to the gym, I like fitness, and walking around the green areas of Dublin. Dundrum Town shopping centre is good, and the coast Blackrock, Howth. I love going there for fresh fish and groceries. My girlfriend will also be moving over in March too from Italy!

Have you travelled outside of Dublin in Ireland?

Yes, outside of Dublin, the Cliffs of Moher were really nice. Belfast too, the whole island is really great if you like the green and landscapes. It’s unique in the world, a great place for weekends, you can get a car and go see beautiful landscapes everywhere.

What tips would you give to other people thinking about moving to Ireland?

Get ready for the important things you need to do before you arrive in Ireland. Be prepared for the things you have to do on the 1st day, book your  appointment, opening your bank account, and find a house to live in. If you see a house you like take it!

Is there anything you would have done differently?

Probably not, it has been great and I have no regrets

What are your favourite things about living and working in Ireland?

The career opportunities are great. People look at you and does not judge you on how you appear on paper. They give you a chance to prove yourself. If you are a good worker you can do well and progress.

What about the future?

I want to stay here, for as long as I like. I would like to reach the point of management, Ireland feels like the right place to do so. I’m gonna stay for 2 to 3 years at least. In Italy, if you create an IT company the taxation kills you, it’s better to stick to Ireland or Northern Europe.

Fedrico was recruited by Software Placements to work for Workday, a cloud company, that sells software for HR.

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