Irish Success Story – Daniele


Where did you move from to come to Ireland?

Brazil, Minas Gerais. My husband got a job here, and we decided to come here. I was a software tester in Brazil. I came here as an English student. Then my husband got citizenship and a job offer from Ericsson. We now work in Cork city and live in Kinsale. The food is very good and we commute to work.

Why did you decide to move to Ireland?

To take up the job, and to see what it was like in Europe. We had never been before.

Did you have any reservations / concerns about relocating to Ireland?

Yes. Before we came we didn’t know much about it. I had a cousin that had come to Ireland and had liked it. It was an adventure, we had no idea to what to expect, never having visited Europe before. We thought let’s see how it goes. Luckily it worked out and we have been here three and a half years now. Moving to a country that I just heard about, but had never visited was an adventure. We did some research before, but the truth was I had a vague idea about what I was going to find. What kind of people, prices, how it was going to be to find a job, food variety (this is because in Brazil we have loads of fruits and vegetables that I found out hard to buy here). Basically, I knew that it would be cold and rainy, but we decided to live the adventure.

How have you found it now that you are here?

We are loving it. It is really friendly. The only thing we don’t like is the weather when it is raining. But it doesn’t rain all the time! Besides the weather (I really miss the sunshine, a bit more of heat and swimming at the beaches 🙂 ). I really like it here. People are nice and kind, it is a safe country. I can walk alone and with computer/phone without fear. My life quality improved a lot. I can travel, plan holidays, and take them, as there isn’t too much overtime at work (at least for me).

What tips would you give to other people thinking about moving to Ireland?

Talk to recruiters, they are really helpful. If you are coming to work in Ireland, the easiest way I found to find a job was to have the Linkedin up to date and contact recruiters. They work with the majority of open positions and can guide you through the process. Bring reference letters with you. To get the job offer you will need at least two. Always. With accommodation do your research. We have rented so far, it’s been ok, just start looking early. Renting is becoming a challenge. Try to find something before or get a longer temporary accommodation. It can be hard to find anything, and keep some money for unexpected things. If you like spicy food there’s not much of that here. Food is different here, less salt and less spicy than Brazil but it’s good, I hope that they like potatoes too. If you are used to hot food during lunch time, you will have to get used to eating sandwiches, there is some hot food around too :). If you are not from a cold/rainy country, come prepared – but you will get used to it ;).

Is there anything you would have done differently?

No, we are really happy with the way we did it. In Brazil, we lived in Sao Paulo. We were tired of big city life, running everywhere, no time for leisure. When we came here, to Athlone first, it was a small city. It was beautiful, the river, the old castle buildings. I’m from the countryside, so then when we moved to Cork, it seemed like a good idea. We visited in Kinsale. The bay, the view, the people, were all very beautiful. People say hello to you, this type of welcome was really nice. Our son was born in July, and when we went to the cafes and restaurants, people were interested and friendly, asking us about him and helping out. This is a great side of living in Ireland.

What are your favourite things about living and working in Ireland?

It’s different from Brazil, here there are good services for health services, education, less corruption, we like it here. Safety is definitely one of the best things for me, as I worked in Sao Paulo/Brazil previously. With it, comes life quality, it is easy to travel around, and the kindness of the people. Talking about work, I’ve done a little overtime here, that wasn’t my reality in Brazil. The holidays that you can have from the first day of work and is count in working days (at least in Brazil you can only take in batches of weeks and after working 12 months in a row).

How long do you think you will stay?

We have no dates to go back yet. In the future, we might buy a house, in the countryside.


Daniele was recruited by Software Placements to work for Versa an e-publishing company.

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