Ireland’s IT economy is booming, with lots of great positions available

 Here are some great jobs you might be interested in applying for

For a wide range of reasons, Ireland is a great place to come and work. If you haven’t considered working in Ireland before then now might be the time to do so. Uncertainty around the future of the UK in relation to staying in Europe is a factor for many companies we have spoken to recently. Even though the formal exit process has not been triggered yet, many many companies are already finding it damaging for their business and as a result are considering where to relocate next. In the meantime, this creates uncertainty for employees. If you are in this position or based somewhere else in Europe or in the rest of the world too then Ireland could be the right choice for your career move.


We are currently actively recruiting in a wide range of areas for candidates. Pictured above, for example, we are looking for a Web Director, a Business Analyst, a Project Delivery Manager, and a Senior JavaScript Developer, and these are only the four most recent positions that we have posted up on our website jobs section. If you follow it regularly you will see the new positions that are coming in constantly. Here are some other areas in which we are also looking for candidates BI, Business/Data Analysts, Business Applications, Cloud & Infrastructure, Dev Ops, Embedded Software, Engineering, ERP & CRM, IC Semiconductor, IT Security, IT Support, Project/Program Management, QA, RDBMS, Service Delivery Management, Software Development, DOT.NET, C, C#, Java, Javascript, LAMP, Python, Ruby, Ruby On Rails, and UI/UX Design. As you can see it is a long list, with a wide range of industry specialisations that we are recruiting for.


As always you can get in contact with us here, and we look forward to hearing from you asap. We have a great team who are actively dealing with the recruitment process to fill these positions, with good experience of all the aspects of helping you to get hired and the necessary visa requirements for those coming from outside the EU too. Now might be a good time to future proof your career by looking at the Irish jobs market and we are recruiting for positions both in Dublin and in other major Irish cities across the country too. If you have any questions we’d also be delighted to hear from you and to help answer them in person. We also have a resources section on our website which may well also answer many of your questions too about what is needed to move to Ireland, and also culturally regarding what it is like to live here. We have a high placement rate for successful applicants and would love to add you to our list of happy employees now working in Ireland. Drop us a line below and we look forward to hearing from you.

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