Ireland: A great place to work in IT

Why Ireland is a great place to come to work in the IT / software development sector

You’ve seen the job of your dreams. Interesting challenges, dynamic, upcoming company to work for. Good money, somewhere new you haven’t been to before, in … Ireland!? So what would it be like to come and live in Ireland? Written by someone who moved here 20 years ago and is still here, helped by the ideas and experiences of a large number of others who have also made Ireland their home.

Overall Ireland offers a safe and helpful place to live. Below are some of the highlights of living in Ireland.

A good quality of life

Irish culture is to work hard, but to also enjoy the weekends and public holidays. Businesses do well in Ireland and are competitive and outward facing. All of the top 10 global tech companies have a large and significant presence in Ireland, including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Paypal and much more, as well as a thriving startup scene with significant FinTech, MedTech and e-commerce companies. However it is a work hard, play hard ethos and workers are encouraged to have a life outside of work too.

Ireland is politically neutral and stable place to work

Ireland is known globally as an open and politically tolerant country.

You will be paid in a stable currency

Ireland is a committed member of the euro zone which will ensure easy travel and access to money across the rest of the other EU euro countries.

Ireland has great links to the rest of Europe and the rest of the world

From Ireland, you can easily reach any European capital for a weekend or longer. Direct flights also run to the US for meetings when needed.

The mild climate

While you may hear some locals commenting on the frequent changes in the weather in Ireland, the summers are never unbearably hot, and the winters are never too long or severe, with snow only an occasional brief event.

Ireland Sunset

Beautiful sunsets and accessible countryside

Wherever you are based in Ireland there is great countryside to explore, beaches, rivers, mountains are all close by wherever you are based.

Ireland Kayak

Friendly approachable people (from all over the world)

Ireland has undergone many changes in the last 20 years and is now a highly diverse country now. Around 1 in 7 are the people now living in Ireland were not born here. This means Ireland has become a very mixed country with residents from literally all over the world. There are strong ethnic communities from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, South America and beyond. While you may be leaving your own country it’s very likely you will find other like-minded people here.

Ireland’s IT and innovation culture

All over Ireland, there are numerous IT meetup groups. Whatever your interest, there are meetup groups, both physical and virtual in Python, Csharp,  Angular JS, dotnet, you name it. There are also regular Tech conferences, Startup Weekends and Hackathons for aspiring entrepreneurs, with lots of accelerators, incubators and financial incentives for people to develop their ideas.

Irish agencies look to encourage companies and individuals to come to Ireland

The IDA (Irish Development Agency) is always looking to encourage overseas companies to locate here. This creates an atmosphere of looking beyond Ireland to help people to move here, and a willingness to help overcome any potential obstacles that might be encountered.

Great for networking – everyone is only a couple of phone calls away

Irish culture allows and encourages time for people to meet and talk with each other. The great thing too is that everyone knows someone who knows someone that might be able to help you. Historically Irish people have benefitted when moving overseas from this network of contacts. There is a culture of looking to return the favour for those who have arrived in Ireland and are looking to make a fresh start here.

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