Why it’s a great time to be working in IT

Why it’s a great time to be working in IT in 2017

RTE news recently said that among Irish employers 87% planned to hire additional IT staff in 2017 and 50% planned to pay bonuses.” This is great news if you have the right skills. Interestingly too “IT roles were proving the hardest to fill” according to 80% of companies polled. Many Irish IT companies are also looking to hire more people, and were hoping to expand their companies if possible “33% of respondents said finding enough office space was a challenge.” Altogether, for the Irish IT sector, it is a positive time to be growing your business and therefore finding the right people is really important.

At Software Placements many employers are contacting us looking for ideal candidates to fill their new and existing positions. We are casting the net far and wide to find the best candidates to fill these positions. If you are based in Ireland then you are already in the same time zone and will have fewer relocation logistics to deal with. However, we are also recruiting candidates from the rest of Europe and much further afield to fill the positions we have available.


The image above is a snapshot of the most recent positions we are looking for the right candidates to fill. You can see more here and we’d advise that you follow our Twitter account and sign up here info@softwareplacements.ie for regular updates for the positions we are looking to fill. We also have a great team of industry specific experts who can help you to ensure you find the right position for your future career growth and development.


If you refer to the image above you can identify who is the right person for your own particular area of speciality, such as Java, PHP, NET, Python, Security or other languages and skills you might have. Our team have years of experience in finding the right fit for the role and will make sure it is the best position for everyone involved. We have also recruited excellent candidates from all over the world. This means we have good experience in helping support you as you complete all the necessary steps to secure your work visa, and also the best ways to find suitable accommodation in your new destination in Ireland.


To help you in your transition to moving to Ireland we have also prepared a series of pdfs and FAQs on our website under the resources section, specifically aimed to help minimise the challenges of relocating to a new country. Finally, we have also done a series of interviews with previous candidates who we have successfully placed in positions in Ireland to give you an idea of the sort of things to consider when planning to move here.


You can read more about these success stories here, and we hope that in the future you will become another successful placement made by Software Placements.


We’re also active on the local Dublin Startup scene, as proud sponsors of Startup Grind Dublin, and Dublin Beta, both of which showcase and celebrate startups and entrepreneurs. Drop us a line or say hello at one of our sponsored events and have a chat about how we can help you find the next step for you in your career.

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