How To Be a Great Python Coder

How to be a great Python coder

If you are a great python coder then we’d love to hear from you. We have many many jobs which need high-level Python coders. We can help you get the next great job in your coding career, contact us here for more details.

If you are thinking about what language to become proficient in, Python could be a great choice for you. We have put together some tips to point you in the right direction of improving your Python programming skills and so enable your career to advance more rapidly.

If you have zero python skills start somewhere like here

There are many free online courses out there, one that we have used is Codecademy. This one is well planned, and will quickly help you to get a sense of the basics of the language and what you can do with it. The best way to get started, and to improve is to just get your hands dirty and start working through the exercises.

Know, use and keep returning to the Stack Overflow Python page

Even in researching this article we went back here and found some great questions and answers. Make sure to read the answers too, because the range of answers is really informative. This thread for example, on how to become a great Python coder is a great read and will help you to gauge your own level of expertise.

Quora and Reddit are also great resources for learning more about Python

Not to let Stackoverflow have it all their own way, it is often important, useful and interesting to see what people have to say on some of the other forums. Ultimately you pay your money and make your own choice, but there are some seriously smart people on both these platforms who take a lot of time and care to share their insights. Make sure you’re not asking a question that someone else has already asked! See more about the Reddit Python thread here and the Quora Python section here.

Go to big annual events like Pycon

Fortunately, in Ireland, we now have a long running tradition of this annual event. It’s a really useful and informative event, and a great way to meet the leading thought leaders and coders in the Python world. Even better it happens here in Ireland, so if you are already living in Ireland then it is well worth your time and money (they operate on an ‘everyone pays’ principle, though there is a financial hardship option too). If you have not moved to Ireland yet, then try to go to similar events in your own country as it will be really useful both for what you learn and also who you meet.

Go to the monthly meetups too

Python Ireland meets up on a monthly basis in a much more informal friendly manner. These events are relaxed good places to find out more about the intricacies of the language and even hear about new developments and innovations in Python.

Check out the Trending Python repositories on GitHub

GitHub is such a great resource for so many coding languages, and it is no exception for Python. This is a go-to place for staying up to date with the latest cool innovations and developments using Python. It is a great illustration of the collaborative nature of the Python coding community and one that will really help to ensure you have your finger on the pulse. Try to check it at least weekly, if not even daily if possible.

We hope these tips are helpful for you in your own development as a Python coder, or indeed in any coding language. We are constantly on the lookout for top coders to fill many jobs with exciting innovative companies in Ireland and beyond. If you think you have the coding skills to do well in top Irish and global companies we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line here and see if we can help you to take the next step in your career.

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