Dublin Beta 2016 Sponsored by Software Placements

We’re pleased to announce that DublinBeta is back for a final show in 2016, and it will be the 20th Edition! At Software Placements we are really pleased to announce our sponsorship of the latest event. We chatted with Gene Murphy to get the lowdown on the event and its history.

Gene explained when it began ”we started all the way back when (2011), to showcase awesome product from our ever growing tech startup community in Dublin, and coming up to our 20th edition we’ve had somewhere close to 4000 attendees, 250+ demoing startups, and an infinite loop of lol’s during the time! “ We have been to a number of the events now and we always find it to be an exciting insight into what is bubbling under, and coming up on the Dublin tech startup scene.

How can people find out more about the event, and when is it taking place?

“We wanted to get this event on your radar (Monday, December 5th) right now before your calendar gets jammed up for Xmas. From today you can go ahead and apply to demo, or register to attend at beta20.eventbrite.com. “

What can we look forward to for this special event? “On the evening we’re going to have some surprises that we think you’ll love: the classic Beta buzz, and someone off sweet merch (aka swag, aka commemorative 20th edition t-shirts) for early arrivers! “

Since kicking off in 2011 as a quarterly event DublinBeta has consistently showcased some of Ireland’s latest and great tech startups including Currency Fair, Soundwave, UniTuition and lots more.

It is now coming up to the 20th-anniversary edition, 20 DublinBeta’s to date from 2011 – 2016 and this coming December the 5th we’re back in the Hangar Bar Dublin showcasing more startups with some of our nearest and dearest alumni coming back to chit chat with the folks in attendance.

What tips do you have for startups attending? My best tip is hustle. What we mean by this is pretty simple. At DublinBeta between 10 – 15 startups showcase their product using a demo and their ability to pitch to attendee’s passing by them to win one (or more) of their votes.

On the attendee side of things, every that arrives on the night gets 3 gambling chips to vote for their favourite startup. You can vote once, twice or thrice but no more than that on the same or multiple startups as long as they have chips to vote with. Gene explained “ It’s really important for startups demoing on the night to have a solid, concise and fast pitch to win over attendees. Props always help gather attention to ultimately showcase how great their product is to that voting attendee! “

What do you love to see from people pitching?

“We love to see concise pitches, the glint of hustle in their eye and imaginative props. Startups pitching at DublinBeta have been selected on the merits of their product so on the night we love to see how well they can sell their idea to attendee’s.”

What makes you cringe from people pitching?

“Great pitch, poor product. It’s the worst. Not having researched your area that you are building in also is a no-no. a big no no!”

Why has it got to 20 editions – what you’ll be doing to celebrate this?

“Celebration wise we’re keeping that close to our chest for the moment! That week is going to be jam-packed not only with DublinBeta but some other soon to be announced regular startup scene favourite events such as SUXMas that StartUp Xmas which started in 2013 as a once a year mega get together where corporates and big companies support startups with a Xmas party.Also, it has to be said we’ve been very fortunate with the support from our current sponsor’s Software Placements over the past two years and more recently Epsilon Marketing in being able to make our events better and better.”

So outside of a few surprises on the night all we can say is make sure you get there early for the first surprise on the night and also we would love to say thank you to both John, Russell and Gene the organisers behind DublinBeta a really big thank you to everyone from demoing teams, attendee’s supporters and sponsors for making DublinBeta a brilliant showcase for the last 5 years in Dublin!

See you at number 20 this December 5th and if people want to apply to demo or register to attend then it’s best to get on over to www.dublinbeta.com.

You are welcome to tweet the guys at @dublinbeta to talk tech, products, and startups!

Looking forward to seeing you all at the 20th one!

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