Candidate showcase: Alain Moghabghab, Software Development Manager at Workday

Software Placements features an excellent track record in recruiting and placing highly qualified candidates across diverse industries.

This week we begin a regular series of interviews with some of those candidates, so they can tell us about their professional background, give us an outlook on how the current role has helped them advance their careers, and also provide insights on their personal experience with Software Placements.

We recently spoke with Alain Moghabghab, Software Development Manager currently on assignment at Workday.

Alain hails from the distant shores of the Lebanon, where he spent the best part of 13 years working as a web & software developer & team leader for a number of local and international firms. This experience enabled Alain to refine and expand his software development knowledge, and this skillset would later prove invaluable to advance his career further afield.

He also had a number of work assignments in places as exotic and alluring as Cyprus and Greece, before life circumstances pointed his sights further north, to Ireland.

Alain kindly shared a little of his valuable time with us

Alain, why did you decide to move to Ireland?
My wife accepted an invitation to attend university here in Ireland, hence we decided to move.

How did you come across the job at Workday?
Through LinkedIn, actually. I submitted my CV to Software Placements, which I didn’t know was a recruitment company. I received a call from them about 2 hours later though. They discussed the job with me, helped me tailor my CV to better suit the offer, and submitted the application on my behalf.

Workday invited me to an interview in March 2017. Software Placements thoroughly explained the process and guided me every step of the way. The interview went well, and Workday offered me a position shortly afterwards. I’ve been working with Workday ever since.

You relocated to Ireland with your family. Tell us a bit about how that went, any challenges that you encountered.

My wife and I were aware of how difficult it would be to find suitable accommodation in Dublin as the rental market was quite limited at the time. So we actually used a relocation consultant who helped us find a suitable place in the Irish capital. In our case, the process went relatively smoothly, and we settled down here quite easily.

In terms of your own personal experience with Software Placements, how would you rate it? And would you recommend Software Placements to others?

In my case, the experience has been very positive from the start. From the first contact, to the moment I got hired by Workday, Software Placements assisted me every step of the process, I was kept up to date and given feedback at every stage.

So far, I am happy and satisfied with the work environment at Workday. It has met all my professional expectations up to this point. I would certainly recommend Software Placements to others!

Thank you Alain for sharing your time with us today.

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